World Traveler!
World Traveler!
World Traveler!
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World Traveler!
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World Traveler!

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Learn about the countries of the world and create your own handcraft in a step by step process with the natural materials that artisans send to you in your DIDART artisanal KITS.

Become an expert about the cultures around the world!  See what artisans are sending you from their local nature.

This is the list of countries you will get for World Traveler KITs:

Month Country Region Handcraft Material
1 Mexico North America Angel figures Corn Husk
2 Brazil South America Berimbau Bamboo +Cabaça Fruit
3 Germany Europe Puppets Wood
4 China Asia Red Knot lace and accessories
5 Nigeria Africa Bracelets Stones, shells, others
6 New Zeland Oceania Piupiu skirt Harakeke
7 Guatemala Central America Bowl Morro
8 India Asia Pots Clay
9 South Africa Africa Dolls Wood
10 Colombia South America Mochila Strips Wool
11 Ireland Europe Traditional Decoration Common bulrush
12 Egypt Africa Flute Bamboo




-Natural material  (described in the table of products and materials that come directly from artisans*)
-Accessories needed to compliment the natural material and create the craft.
-Passport (pamphlet with the information)
-Access to download the APP to visualize the product through Augmented Reality

*DIDART works with natural materials for elaborating the products, please check if the child using it is allergic to any of the materials enlisted above. The natural materials come from Guatemalan artisans, we want to expand to other countries and support more artisans, and this is only happening with your help by spreading the word and learning about the world with the little ones!

**The first shipping will arrive between 7-10 days after the purchase. The rest of the experiences will be sent periodically between the 10th and 15th of every next month.

***The Contract auto renews every 3, 6 or 12 months according to the one selected. This subscription can be cancelled at anytime.