Start the Journey!
Start the Journey!

Start the Journey!

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Learn about your favorite country to start this new adventure! The world is in your hands and you will be traveling with the guidance of DIDART! With your KIT you will be able to create your own handcraft in a step by step process with the natural materials that artisans sent to you.


-Natural material  
-Accessories needed to compliment the natural material and create the craft.
-Passport (pamphlet with the information)
-Access to download the APP to visualize the product through Augmented Reality

*DIDART works with natural materials for elaborating the products, please check if you are allergic to any of the materials enlisted above. The natural materials come from Guatemalan artisans, we want to expand to other countries and support more artisans, and this is only happening with your help by spreading the word! We appreciate your help by supporting DIDART and our 250 artisans!

**The first shipping will arrive between 7-10 days after the purchase.